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​Properties not located in Unincorporated Lee County should contact their jurisdiction directly.


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Lee County ePlan – the electronic option for submitting applications and plan documents to Lee Community Development – includes Minimum Use Determinations (MUD) and Administrative Approvals (ADD) applications. Visit the eConnect webpage for additional information. All users of this program must register ​​(complete a User’s Agreement) prior to using Lee County ePlan. If you have any questions on this process, please send an email to eConnect@leegov.com

​If you have a question on which application to use or on what information is required, please call 239-533-8585.

​NOTE: An AFFIDAVIT OF AUTHORIZATION is required for all applications.
Please be sure to include it with your submittal. 
​Affidavit of Authorization
​Additional Agents
​Disclosure of Interest​
​administrative approvals<Bookmark>
​Administrative Variance (general)
​Commercial Lot Split
​Consumption on Premises (sale and service of alcoholic beverages)
​Deviation from Chapters 10 & 33
​Dock & Shoreline Structures
​Historic Relief for Designated Historic Resources
​​Land Development Code or Zoning District Boundary Interpretation
​​Notice of Appeal of Administrative Action or Interpretation to the Hearing Examiner
​Mobile Home/Recreational Vehicle Park 86-36 Site Plan Modification
​Model Home, Unit or Display Center Placement
​Minimum Use Determination (MUD)
​Parking Variance
​Planned Development or PUD Amendment and/or Final Plan Approval
​​ ​Wireless Communication Facility
​​ Supplement A - Shared Use Plan Agreement & Data Sheet
​Public Hearing​<Bookmark>
​​ Conventional Rezoning​
 Essentially Built-Out Determination
 Planned Development***
 Public Hearing for DRI***
 Special Exception
​***NOTE: Submittal Requirements for Planned Developments and public hearing for DRI now require only three copies at submittal. 

​Planning Community Specific<Bookmark>
 Page Park - Master Concept Plan or Live-Work Unit Approval

 Alico Road Mining Corridor - Administrative Amendment of Duration Limitations on Existing Mines
 Limited Amendment to Existing Mine
 Mining Excavation Planned Development (MEPD) Public Hearing Application
Pre-Application Meeting to Permit MEPD

​Continuance, Deferral, Withdrawal or rehearing<Bookmark>
 Continuance, Deferral, Withdrawal or Rehearing

​Submittal Requirement Waiver<Bookmark>
 Submittal Requirement Waiver​
​Request for Zoning Verification<Bookmark>
 Request for Zoning Verification

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