​​​​​​​​​​The conservation of existing trees and the planting of new trees on development sites is required by the Lee County Land Development Code. Both retained and new trees provide breaks in the urban landscape and offer many benefits, including:

  • providing oxygen
  • conserving energy
  • filtering water
  • creating a cooling canopy
  • absorbing noise
  • reducing glare
  • creating areas for wi​ldlife
  • increased property values

Trees can be pruned to address visibility and safety while maintaining their structural integrity. The intent of tree maintenance is to allow required trees to grow into normal, mature landscape features and is required by Section ​10-421(c) of the Lee County Land D​evelopment Code.

Severe Crown Pruning and Tree Topping

Severe pruning is considered irreparable damage to trees. Citations, to both the property owner and the tree pruning contractor, will be issued. If the trees are severely pruned, tree replacement will be required.

It is extremely important to plan your landscape to avoid future pruning problems. Appropriate plant selection can result in a reduced need for extensive pruning and mainten​ance.
​​​View more information​ on correct tree pruning, penalties for improper pruning, and examples of the most common and severe tree pruning violations in Lee County.
For information regarding plant selection and tree protection, call 239-533-8585. Information on landscape maintenance and plant pruning can also be obtained by contacting the Lee County - University of Florida Extension Office staff at 239-338-3232.​

picture of bad tree pruning