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​Look for cases that begin with VIO. Search by case number, address or parcel.Search for the violation first; we may already be investigating it. You must provide an ADDRESS.

​  Code Enforcement for Unincorporated Lee County Investigates:​
  • ​​Overgrown Grass and Lot Mow Violations
  • Trash and Nuisance Accumulation​
  • Inoperable, Unlicensed, and Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property
  • Building Without a Permit, Expired Permits​​
  • Signs in the Right of Way/Road Obstruction
  • Zoning Violations/Illegal Land Use
  • Building Maintenance
  • Unlicensed Contractors
  • Dock and Shore Violations
  • ​​Environmental Violations Including:
    • landscaping non-compliance
    • ​tree protection regulations
    • sea turtle protection regulations
    • zoning conditions
    • protected species management plans & monitoring reports
    • indigenous preserves
    • exotic removal
    • ​development order requirements

Code Enforcement for Unincorporated Lee County DOES NOT Investigate: 

  • Dogs (barking, abused, stray, loose, feces, etc.)
  • Noise
  • Mangroves​
  • Debris in the ROW
  • Septic Tank/Well Issues
  • ​Hotel/Restaurant
  • Onsite worker safety
  • ​Derelict Vessel Removal                     ​​
  • Hazardous Waste/Oil Spills
  • Fertilizer Ordinance
  • ​​Properties in the City of Fort Myers
  • Properties in the City of Cape Coral
  • Properties in the City of ​Bonita Springs
  • Properties in the Town of Fort Myers Beach
  • ​Properties in the City of Sanibel
  • Properties in the Village of Estero

Who investigates the issues above?