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IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective July 1st, 2021 pursuant to Florida Statute 125.69, Lee County Code Enforcement is no longer allowed to investigate potential violations of codes or ordinances by way of anonymous complaints. A person who reports a potential violation must provide his or her name and address as part of the complaint. 
Lee County Code Enforcement will not create a complaint record for any potential violation that is reported anonymously. Potential violations that are reported by persons using fictitious names or addresses, pseudonyms, or aliases will be treated as anonymous complaints. Lee County Code Enforcement reserves the right to consult the public records to verify the legitimacy of a complainant’s name and address. Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. The complainant's name and address, along with any other information provided, will become public record and subject to public disclosure.

​Look for cases that begin with VIO. Search by case number, address or parcel.

Search for the violation first; we may already be investigating it. Below is a list of complaints Lee County Code Enforcement investigates. You must provide an ADDRESS.

 Code Enforcement for Unincorporated Lee County Investigates:​

  • ​​Overgrown Grass and Lot Mow Violations
  • Trash and Nuisance Accumulation​
  • Inoperable, Unlicensed, and Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property
  • Building Without a Permit, Expired Permits​​
  • Signs in the Right of Way
  • Zoning Violations/Illegal Land Use
  • Building Maintenance
  • Dock and Shore Violations
  • ​​Environmental Violations Including:
    • landscaping non-compliance
    • ​tree protection regulations
    • sea turtle protection regulations
    • zoning conditions
    • protected species management plans & monitoring reports
    • indigenous preserves
    • exotic removal
    • ​development order requirements