FEMA and/or Lee County are responsible for notifying local residents of proposed corrections to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps that result from a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR), or FEMA-initiated revisions of flood maps. In most cases, residents have an opportunity to comment to FEMA or Lee County about the proposed changes.  Following are the current FEMA revision cases for unincorporated Lee County.

UPDATE:  A Letter of Final Determination has been released by FEMA regarding the Ten Mile Map Revisions that were originated in 2010 based on an appeal of the 2008 Countywide map revisions. The finalized FIRM panels have been released and will become effective on Dec. 7, 2018. The new map suffix for these specific map panels will be "G."

These maps cannot be used for flood insurance purposes until the December effective date.

Revision of Ten Mile Canal Regulatory Floodway - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released finalized Flood Insurance Rate Maps for case 12-04-7499P to correct boundaries of the Ten Mile Canal Regulatory Floodway along the Ten Mile Canal. Only 17 FIRM map panels (within Unincorporated Lee County) will be affected.

  • Details of each panel - NOTE: These 17 panels (for unincorporated Lee County) address either floodway, flood zone and/or Base Flood Elevation revisions. Note that some parcels within each panel may have no changes at all. Other areas of the City of Fort Myers and the Village of Estero have been affected. Please contact their offices for information within those jurisdictions.
    • 0289 effective 12/07/18
    • 0295 effective 12/07/18
    • 0426 effective 12/07/18 
    • 0427 effective 12/07/18
    • 0428 effective 12/07/18
    • 0429 effective 12/07/18
    • 0431 effective 12/07/18
    • 0433 effective 12/07/18
    • 0436 effective 12/07/18
    • 0437 effective 12/07/18
    • 0438 effective 12/07/18
    • 0439 effective 12/07/18
    • 0576 effective 12/07/18
    • 0577 effective 12/07/18
    • 0578 effective 12/07/18
    • 0592 effective 12/07/18
    • 0594 effective 12/07/18
    • Map Index

Flood Insurance Study effective 12-07-2018 12071CV001B
Flood Insurance Study effective 12-07-2014 12071CV002B

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