Single-Family Vegetation Removal Permit Process

Coastal Islands:

Single-family and duplex lot owners must apply for a vegetation removal permit on the following coastal islands:

  • Big Hickory
  • Black Island
  • Buck Key
  • Captiva
  • Cayo Costa
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Gasparilla
  • Greater Pine Island*
  • Little Hickory Islands (Bonita Beach)
  • Lover's Key Group of Islands
  • North Captiva

* For Greater Pine Island only, a vegetation removal permit will be required only on parcels or lots zoned or used for residential purposes that are two acres in size or greater. 

Single Family - Land Development Code Section 14-377(c)(1) & (2):

​There are two types of vegetation removal permit requirements for single-family and duplex lots on coastal islands. The first requires review and approval as part of the issuance of a building permit. The second is for clearing of a lot prior to any building permit review.

Please note:
  • ​Removal of coconut palms and native trees requires a permit. 
  • No permit is required for the annual removal of five trees or less from any single family lot that already has an existing single-family dwelling unit.
  • Barricades that protect preserved vegetation are required.

Site Inspections:

Staff must conduct a site inspection to verify the submitted site plan and to inspect barricades, if applicable. Staff must also review the site for protected plant and animal species.

The applicant must provide staff with transportation if the lot is on an unbridged island.

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