Zoning verification letters (“ZVL”) may be requested from the Director by an individual who is seeking verification of the zoning status of a specific parcel of land. A ZVL provided by the County is limited to the following information:
  • the future land use designation of the property;
  • the zoning district of the property;
  • verification that a particular use is permitted within the property’s zoning district;
  • a list of permitted uses in the zoning district; identification of current zoning resolutions, special exceptions, variance and deviations that apply to the property;
  • the development regulations applicable to the property;
  • zoning action needed to permit a particular use; and
  • identification of any current Notice of Violations issued for Code Enforcement Violations on the subject property.

To make a request:

The request must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by the required administrative fee* made payable to Lee County Board of Commissioners.  The request must provide sufficient information to identify the property and the information the requestor seeks to verify. The written request must include the following information: 
  • property address
  • 17-digit strap number (need help? call Zoning Information at 239-533-8329)
  • question(s) you would like​​​​ answered pertaining to zoning
The written request can be submitted in writing via email*, fax* (239-485-8340), or mail to Department of Community Development, P.O. Box 398, Fort Myers, Florida 33902-0398, Attention:  Zoning Counter.

*Please note: If your request is submitted via email or fax, staff will contact you with information for payment. If the request covers multiple parcels, the Director may treat each parcel as a separate request and may result in additional fees.

Please note that the ZVL is limited in the following manner: determinations set for in LDC Section 34-626(c) are the only information that a ZVL may address. In preparing a ZVL, the Director must review the request based on current regulations and the current state of the property. The ZVL may not be based on conjecture, supposition, or speculation; ZVLs must apply the plain meaning of the applicable regulations; a ZVL may not address whether existing development on the property conforms to current code requirements; ZVLs may not provide legal opinions or advice; and the submission of sample letters with desired format or content is not permitted.