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Phase Out of Contractor Local Licensing

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners have approved a plan for the phasing out of local licensing consistent with HB 735. The normal local contractor renewal process for the Fiscal year 2021-2022 will be followed and will be the final renewal. All local licenses will expire on September 30, 2022 and will not be renewed. The Contractor Licensing Board will be phased out half way through 2022, after the March meeting. Until that time, new local license applications will be processed but any issued licenses will have an expiration date of September 30, 2022 and will not be renewed.

For more information, please review:
House Bill 735
Lee County BOCC Action

Additionally, there are currently vacancies on the Construction Licensing Board. Get additional information on these vacancies.  

FAQ: Phase Out of Local Licensing

1. When does my Certificate of Competency/Local License expire?

A. September 30, 2022


2. How will Journeyman licenses be affected?

A. Journeyman Certificates will be handled administratively. This process will be codified before September 2022.


3. Am I able to still get a sponsorship from Lee County?

A. Yes, at this time, but please be advised that our sponsorships are valid for 6 months. You are encouraged to complete your courses and exams as soon as possible.


4. Am I able to still get a Letter of Reciprocity?

A. Yes, currently we are still issuing Letters of Reciprocity. This practice is expected to cease on September 30, 2022.


5. What type of work can be done without a license?

A. Please refer to HB735.

Contractors wishing to perform work or contract to perform work within Unincorporated Lee County must be in compliance with:​

​​​​Florida Statute Chapter 489
​Lee County Administrative Code 12-6
Lee County Ordinance 00-26Lee County Tax Collector​
T​o perform work in unincorporated Lee County, contractors must have a state-issued license OR a Certificate of Competency (a.k.a. local license), which is subject to an application and issuance through Lee County. A contractor must also have a current Certificate of Insurance for liability and workers' compensation and/or a current workers' compensation exemption status with the State of Florida.​ 

​"Go Green!" Review Lee Count​y's 'Green' options for obtaining permits. These options allow contractors to handle permitting transactions from the comfort of their home or office. Get more information​.


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