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Lee County Construction Licenses 

The Lee County Construction License Ordinance 23-09 grandfathered certain existing local license holders for licenses that substantially correspond to the job scopes of a state contractor license. Grandfathered local licenses are valid for a period of one year running from July 1 through June 30 and must be renewed annually. Beginning six weeks prior to June 30th of each year, grandfathered license holders must renew their license in accordance with the Ordinance (Section 8). As part of the renewal, grandfathered license holders must provide updated liability insurance, workers' compensation, and the renewal fee prior to June 30th of each year to avoid losing all rights attached to the grandfathered license.  

Ordinance 23-09 also lists job scopes which no longer require a construction license in accordance with state law. 

Those interested in obtaining a new construction license should contact Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation regarding State license approval processes. 


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