​​State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP)

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​​SHIP is the centerpiece of the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Act. The SHIP program channels a portion of new and existing documentary stamp taxes on deeds directly to local governments for the development and maintenance of affordable housing. Lee County’s SHIP program provides funding and technical assistance to nonprofit housing development organizations and down payment/closing cost assistance to qualified homebuyers.

​​Regulatory Authority

The SHIP program was created per Florida Statute 420.907 and is subject to the rules of Florida Administrative Code 67-37, and the 2014–2017 and 2017–2020 Lee County Local Housing Assistance Plans.

​​​​​​Local Housing Assistance Plan​​​ (LHAP)

LHAP was prepared for the County's participation in the SHIP program, in compliance with Florida Statute 420.907 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 67-37.

2020-2023 Local Housing Assistance Plan​
​Affordable Housing Incentive Review Report

2022/2023 Grant Funding

The total funding available for FY 2022/2023 is $3,417,598. 

SHIP Program Manual

The purpose of the Lee County SHIP program is to provide safe and affordable housing for very low, low and moderate income families.  SHIP funds are available on a competitive basis to non-profit organizations. This manual is a guide to all non-profit housing providers that use SHIP funds to assure the funds are spent in accordance with all state and county requirements.   The procedures outlined in this manual provide an overview of the SHIP program and provides a step-by-step guide that includes applying for available funds, close-out packets, and managing the client file. 

SHIP Program Manual

​​​​​​SHIP Process

The annual cycle begins each July when the State informs the county of the amount of SHIP funds that will be available.  The notice of funding availability is typically advertised in August and applications become due in September. After ranking, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC). The BoCC approves the contracts and then work can begin. Invoices are reimbursed for the SHIP work rendered.

Current Income Guides

SHIP Income Limits for Homeownership
SHIP Rental Income Guidelines​

Additional Affordable Housing Programs and Direct Services

The Department of Human and Veteran’s Services works directly with the public to assist with affordable housing needs. For more information see:


Every 3 years, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee prepares an Incentive Review and Recommendation report to evaluate the implementation of affordable housing incentives. Incentives are adopted into the Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP). Incentives include:

  • Bonus Density Program: Allows additional density in urban areas providing affordable housing units are built onsite or if the developer pays a fee in-lieu-of constructing the units.
  • School Impact Fee Reimbursement: Provides school impact fee relief for teachers and other essential personnel through a reimbursement program. The program is funded  from the interest collected on the school impact fees.
  • Expedited Permitting: Developers of on-site built affordable housing units in unincorporated Lee County may request to expedite the application process.

  • Utility Connection Fee Deferral Program: Affordable housing projects that qualify for the Utility Connection Fee Deferral Program incentive may have their connection fees deferred until the time of individual building permit application. 

For more information concerning SHIP, call 239-533-8585.