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If the plans submitted through eConnect are required to be signed and sealed by a design professional, the contractor and design professional will need to coordinate efforts to comply with governing laws regarding electronic signatures. Get additional information​​ for design professionals.​ For help, send an email to ePlan@leegov.com, call 239-533-8343, or review the additional information section below.​​


Step 1 - Create Account: 

Each user will need to create an account.    

Step 2 - Register Contractor License/Digital Signature: 

If the user account will be associated with a licensed contractor, the license number of the contractor must be added to the user’s account, and the Lee County Contractor eConnect Agreement must be submitted to eConnect@leegov.com for processing.

If the user account will be associated with a licensed design professional, the Design Professional Digital Signature Affidavit must be submitted to ePlan@leegov.com for processing.

If the user account is not associated with a licensed contractor or design professional, this step may be skipped.

Step 3 – Submit: 

Log in to your eConnect account and select “Create an Application” under the appropriate department.  Read and agree to the terms and conditions and select “Continue Application.” 

License - Select a License from the list of licenses connected to your account, if applicable, and follow the prompts to proceed to the next section of the application.

Work Address/Parcel - Input a property address or parcel number and select “Search,” if applicable.  If multiple results are found, select the one that best matches and follow the prompts to proceed to the next section of the application.  Complete each section of the application. 

Attachments – Upload the Application, Plans, and any other supporting documents in this section of the application. 

Final Review – Carefully review each section of the application and make corrections, as needed.

Payment – Satisfy any fees required to submit the application, using a Credit Card or eCheck account.

Once the above steps are successfully completed, a case/record number will be provided and can be used to track the progress of your application through the review/approval process. 

Step 4 – Download/Print: 

When the review is complete, you will receive an email with further direction.


Additional Info​:

Design Professionals and eConnect