Permitting Office Hours and Location Information

Location: 1500 Monroe St, Fort Myers FL, 33901
Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Guides and Forms

The Guides and Forms webpage is a helpful tool for all submittals and detailed information about additional documents that might be required based on the Record Type. 

Disaster Recovery Permitting Requirements

Please review the Disaster Recovery Permitting Requirements document for more information. 

Work Not Requiring a Permit

  • Removal of debris from on or inside a structure
  • Minor demolition to prevent injury or prevent further damage to buildings
  • Structural shoring and bracing
  • Replacement of broken glass within existing framing for windows and doors
  • Repair/Replacement of soffit and gutters
  • Roof Shingle replacement of 1 square of shingles (10ft x 10ft area, or less)
  • Minor non-structural repairs made to the exterior of structures
  • Repair of minor water leaks that do not involve structural, mechanical, or electrical systems. 
  • Previously permitted fences destroyed due to the storm may be re-installed, like for like, in the exact same location, except for fences used as a pool enclosure. Pool enclosure fence replacements must be reviewed for compliance with pool safety requirements.

How to handle existing Permits for properties that now have Hurricane Damage
If the additional damage still relates to the existing Record Type, a Revision will be required to describe the additional scope of work, allowing the Permit to be deemed hurricane damage related.

If the additional damage exceeds the scope of the existing Record Type, you must re-apply with the correct Record Type. The original Permit or Permit Application will be voided, allowing the new Permit Application, covering all work, to be issued. 
 - Example: Individual Trade Permit was issued (i.e. Roof, Electrical, A/C, Plumbing, etc.), but you now have interior drywall damage, or require multiple Trade Permits. You may now need a Remodel Permit. 
Inspections Information 

It will be the responsibility of the Contractor or Owner-Builder to request the required inspections, based on the approved scope of work. The use of an approved Private Provider Inspection firm to perform the necessary inspections and provide inspection reports to the Lee County Building Inspections Office by email at is acceptable. 

Inspections can be scheduled via eConnect/ACA or by Phone (IVR) at 239-533-8997.

Inspections must be scheduled by 5:00pm for next business day inspections.

FEMA 50% Rule

The FEMA 50% Rule is still in effect and will be enforced during review.  Please click here for more details.

For Licensed Contractors
Contractors are encouraged to continue applying online via eConnect/ACA
Click here for detailed information about Contractor Licensing Registration and eConnect/ACA account creation.  
For Owner Builders
Owner Builders may apply online or in person at the Permitting Office. All Owner Builders must appear in person to sign applicable documents for permit issuance. Please contact the Permitting Department with any questions at or 239-533-8329. 
Expired Permits/Permits Due to Expire

No additional auto-extensions of Permitting Records will be completed. If your permit is due to expire soon, please request an Inspection as soon as possible, as a Pass or Partial inspection will auto-extend your permit for 6 months from the date of completed inspection.  

If you are not ready for inspections, please submit an Extension Request Form to for a 90 day extension. If your permit is already expired, please submit a Completion Request Form to for a 6 month extension. 

If you have any questions, please email or call 239-533-8329

Hurricane Guide - General Info

Click here for general storm-related information.