Submittal of a Zoning Waiver Request is pursuant to the Lee County Land Development Code section 34-201C

“Upon written request, on a form prepared by the County, the Director may modify the submittal requirements where it can be demonstrated by the applicant that the submission will have no bearing on the review and processing of the application. The decision of the Director is discretionary and may not be appealed.”

Waiver Types: 
Administrative Action Application Requirements [34-203]
Public Hearing: General Requirements (34-202)
Public Hearing: Mining Excavation Planned Development (12-110)
Public Hearing: Development of Regional Impact (34-202(b)(1))
Public Hearing: Limited Amendment to Existing Mine Zoning Approval (12-121(j))
Public Hearing: Planned Development Amendment (34-202(b)(2))
Public Hearing: Planned Developments (34-202(b)(2))
Public Hearing: Private Recreational Facilities Planned Development (34-941(g))
Public Hearing: Rezonings Other than Planned Developments (34-202(b)(3))
Public Hearing: Special Exceptions (34-202(b)(5))
Public Hearing: Variances (34-202(b)(6))

Fill out and submit a waiver request online. Once you have logged into eConnect, select the Zoning menu to Create an Application.  Review the general disclaimer terms and select the checkbox to Continue the Application. On the Select a Record Type screen, select Informal Meeting or Waiver Request.  Select the radio button to Continue Application and complete all required fields.  The Submittal Requirement Waiver form must be completed and uploaded with your online application.   If you are submitting a request for a preliminary Coastal Determination Letter, select the Application Type = Coastal Determination Letter.

If you have any questions please call 239-533-8585 or email