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Risk Management works actively to protect against accidental losses and minimize financial risk to the county while maintaining compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws. This is accomplished by identifying and analyzing risk and implementing loss control programs to create a safe environment for our employees, citizens and visitors.

Services include:

  • Administering self-insurance programs and insured policies for workers' compensation, general liability, automobile liability, and property damage claims.
  • Reviewing insurance requirements for agreements, contracts, and use of facilities.
  • Reviewing submittals for major capital projects and other agreements as requested.
  • Coordinating coverage programs for general, professional, vehicle, and travel liability as well as real property, equipment, and special events.

Reporting a Claim

If you believe you have suffered property damage or injury involving the county, a liability claim can be reported online or submitted by mail.  How to Report a Claim: General, Automobile, Property


Risk Management is committed to operational continuity by providing a safe working environment for county employees.  The department administers the Workers' Compensation Program as well as providing Accident Reporting and Defensive Driving courses for employees.


If you have any questions, or would like more information, contact the Risk Management Department at (239) 533-0835 or email