Defensive Driving for Board of Lee County Commissioners' Employees


Step 1: Read the Lee County Risk Management Standard Operating Procedure (below) for Motor Vehicle Record Procedure & Vehicle Operations.

APPROVED: 11/30/06

REVISION: 6/12/12


Subject: Motor Vehicle Record Procedure & Vehicle Operations

AUTHORITYLee County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC); County Manager/Risk Management
PURPOSEIs intended to minimize the frequency and severity of County-related vehicle accidents and their associated liabilities
APPLICABILITYAll BOCC Employees and Volunteers

It is the policy of the County to carefully screen new applicants and continuously monitor current employees who operate motor vehicles for County-related business. The intention is to ensure that they have demonstrated safe driving practices in accordance with the motor vehicle laws of the State of Florida and Lee County Policies and Procedures, both on and off the job. This task will be performed by County Risk Management.

Defensive driver's training will be provided to all County employees. Employees should attend such course at minimum every three years from the last date attended.

PROCEDUREDrivers of vehicles that are owned, rented, or leased by the County, and/or any personal vehicles which are operated by a County employee during or in the course of their duties shall follow defensive driving practices by planning ahead and doing everything that one could reasonably do to prevent a crash or accident.
WHO MAY OPERATE A COUNTY VEHICLE Only County employees and volunteers, who are 18-years of age and older, shall operate a County motor vehicle, and only if, such travel is under the approval or direction of that employee's respective Supervisor and such travel is within the employee's scope of duties.

In the interest of safety and solely for the purpose of this Policy, Lee County volunteers are subject to all the rules and regulations found in this procedures.

Intentional abuse, reckless, unsafe acts and/or negligent operation(s) of any County vehicle may result in departmental disciplinary action as described in Section 600 of the Lee County Policies & Procedures Manual.


A current and acceptable Florida motor vehicle operator license must be in
an employee's possession at all times while operating any vehicle.

Exception may be made for any person who is enrolled as a student in a
college or university and who is a nonresident but is in this state for a
period of up to 6 months engaged in a work-study program for which
academic credits are earned from a college whose credits or degrees are
accepted for credit by at least three accredited institutions of higher
learning, as defined in s. 1005.02, Florida Statute, as it may be revised or
amended from time to time, shall not be required to obtain a Florida
driver's license for the duration of the work-study program if such person
has a valid driver's license issued by another state.

In the case of commercially rated vehicles, the proper license class for
weight and type of vehicle must be valid and in the possession of the

If an employee’s driving license is suspended or revoked for any reason, it
is the employee’s duty to report this fact to their supervisor immediately.
Employees or volunteers cannot be assigned to a driving position until
his/her suspension or revocations has been cleared by the Florida
Department of Motor Vehicles. The employee or volunteer may be
dismissed in keeping with the County Policies & Procedures Manual.

If an employee receives a violation, while operating a County owned or
leased vehicle, that employee shall report that fact to their supervisor

Furthermore, if an employee’s driving record falls outside of the minimum
standards as described in this policy, the employee shall notify their
supervisor immediately.

QUALIFICATION STANDARDSAny new applicant and or employee whose Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) exceeds the established, minimum standards may have their County driving privileges revoked until such time as that employee's MVR meets the County's minimum standards. These standards are based on Part A an Part B below.



Lee County’s minimum MVR standards in Part A or Part B are
(departmental standards for operating a commercial vehicle and/or bus may
be stricter) for all applicants, current employees, and volunteers are as

Cannot within the past three (3) years immediately prior to the date of evaluation have been convicted of, and/or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any of the following traffic violations:

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and/or a controlled substance; and/or;
  2. Operating a motor vehicle while in possession of a controlled substance; and/or;
  3. Refusing to submit to a test to determine his/her alcohol concentration; and/or;
  4. Willful or wanton, reckless driving; and/or;
  5. Leaving the scene of an accident; and/or;
  6. Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; and or,
  7. Any other violation of the Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law which is a felony.



Cannot within the past three (3) years prior to the date of evaluation have accumulated ten (10) or more points (departmental standards for operating a commercial vehicle and/or bus may be stricter) for convictions as defined by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of any other traffic violations.

​The County’s Risk Manager reserves the right to deny or revoke driving
privileges based on the initial or subsequent review of the motor vehicle
record for any applicant, current employee, or volunteer.


Any employee or volunteer whose MVR falls outside of the minimum standards as described above or commits an unsafe act while operating a County vehicle or their own while on County related business; or who has had an at-fault vehicle and or preventable crash, which as a result of the employee's negligence, damages County property or cause injuries, may result in departmental disciplinary action as described in Lee County Policies & Procedures Manual.
VEHICLE CRASHES AND UNSAFE ACTSVehicle crashes involving County owned/leased vehicle will be reviewed by Risk Management and the respective department. If the root cause(s) of the crash is considered at-fault and/or preventable; and/or the employee commits an unsafe act, corrective action may be taken by the employee's respective department.
  1. Upon receiving a job offer, transfer, promotion;
  2. After the employee has completed County sponsored Defensive Drivers Course or upon registering for a County sponsored Defensive Drivers Course.
  3. Upon request of the Department/Division Director, Risk Management, or Human Resources.

Unsafe acts are considered, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Failing to follow department Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Changing lanes abruptly
  3. Driving inattentively
  4. Following too closely
  5. Failure to stop for a stop sign or light
  6. Unsafe turning or passing
  7. Unsafe speed in response to environmental conditions
  8. Driving left of center
  9. Horseplay while operating vehicle
  10. Improper use of equipment
  11. Driving error
  12. Using unsafe equipment
  13. Disregard of instructions
For the purpose of this policy a vehicle includes those vehicles licensed for highway under the Laws of Florida.
​An acceptable driving record is one that does not fall outside Part A, Part
B, or Part C. Any temporary driving privileges issued by a State agency
such as, but not limited to a hardship licenses is not consider acceptable.


Step 2: Verify that you have read and understand the information above.
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