​The MSTBU Office encourages you to review the forms below when creating a new unit or applying for a volunteer committee position for your unit.

Creating a New Unit

Capital Improvement Unit
Use these forms to create a one-time infrastructure Capital Improvement Project (CIP).  Examples of these projects include water/sewer, road paving, canal/channel dredging*, drainage and sidewalks.

* Note: An O&M Project or Special Improvement Unit (SIU) is required for all dredge projects for the repair/replacement of channel markers on a continuing basis. 

Operation & Maintenance / Special Improvement / Street Lighting Unit

Use these forms for ongoing Street Lighting or Special Improvement Unit (aka Operation & Maintenance Unit).  Examples of these projects include street lights, landscaping/signage, canal/channel maintenance, and security.

New MSTBU Forms and Applications
​Capital Improvement Unit
​Instruction Sheet
Project Detail / Informal Petition
​Operation & Maintenance Unit
​Instruction Sheet
Project Detail / Informal Petition
​Hardship Deferral/Matching Grant Program Application

MSTBU Committees

Information specific to each unit's committee can be found on the MSTBU Committees page

mstbu committee ​APPLICATION & RESOURCES

​Advisory Committee Application
Adobe .pdf

​Conflict Form 4a

Adobe .pdf​
​Florida Commission on Ethics (Standards of Conduct; Forms)
Lee County Advisory Committees Search & Information

​Minutes Template
Template (Excel)