Example of a completed landscape and streetlighting project.

Property owners in unincorporated Lee County who wish to implement special services or improvement projects to their neighborhood or community may petition the Board of Lee County Commissioners to create a Municipal Service Taxing/Benefit Unit (MSTBU), a dependent unit of government.  These services or projects are paid through ad valorem taxes, assessments, or charges to the properties that benefit from the service or project.  These payments are made through your annual tax bill.

The projects or services, which benefit a specifically defined geographic area, can be one-time Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) or ongoing Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services. 

  • Examples of CIP projects: road paving, bridge replacement, sidewalk installation, and canal dredging. 
  • Examples of O&M services: road, sign, or landscaping maintenance, irrigation, lighting, channel marker/canal maintenance.

If you and your fellow property owners would like to establish a new unit, use the instruction sheets and forms available on our site or find answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ page

For more information, contact Fiscal and MSTBU Manager Joshua Malo at 239-533-2308 (office), 239-634-0040 (cell), or email JMalo@leegov.com


Find out if a property is part of an MSTBU using our interactive, searchable map. Click here to see all active Lee County MSTBUs.

Lee County MSTBU Streetlight Application

Click here to submit a Lee County MSTBU Streetlight Application.

MSTBU Request for Action (RFA) Form

Click here to report a problem so the Lee County MSTBU staff can assist.

Reporting Malfunctioning Streetlights

Streetlights that are not working or are malfunctioning can be reported to the local energy company or the MSTBU office.  To report the issue take note of the pole number, which is located on the pole, and contact the company from whom you receive your energy bill or the MSTBU office.  You can submit the report two ways, by phone or online:

Call the company from whom you receive your energy bill.  The number can be found on your bill.​ FPL – Florida Power & Light
MSTBU office at 239-533-2308.​ LCEC – Lee County Electric Cooperative