​​​Map​ #​description
​1Page 1 - Future Land Use Map
Page 2 - Community Planning, Water Dependent Overlays
Page 3 - Developments of Regional Impacts
Page 4 - Urban Reserve, PFI, Public Acquisition Overlays
Page 5 - Airport Noise Zones Overlay
Page 6 - Mixed Use Overlay
Page 7 - Lehigh Acres Community Plan Overlay
​2 ​San Carlos Island (enlargement of Future Land Use Map, also showing Water Dependent Overlay Zones
A​ ​2030 Financially Feasible Highway Plan
​B ​Future Functional Classification
​C ​2030 Financially Feasible Transit Network
​D ​Lee County Walkways & Bikeways
​EAirports, Seaports, Railways and Waterways
​F ​Alico Road Access Plan
​G ​Corkscrew Road Access Plan
​H ​Future Maintenance Responsibility
​I ​Public Transit Trip Generators
​J ​Evacuation Routes
​4 Private Recreational Facilities Overlay
​5Coastal High Hazard Area
​6Future Water Service Areas, Lee County Utilities
​7Future Sanitary Sewer Service Areas, Lee County Utilities
​8 ​Wellfield Protection Zones
​9Defined 100-Year Floodplains
​10 ​General Soils Map

Historic Surface and Groundwater Levels​

​12 ​Water-Dependent Overlay Zones
​13​Lee County Educational and School District Facilities
​16 ​Planning Communities
​17Southeast DR/GR Residential Overlay
​18 ​Lee County Watershed Map
​20 ​Contiguous Agricultural Parcels Over 100 Acres
​21 ​Existing Pine Island Farmland
​22 Lee County Greenways Master Plan​

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