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In 1984, unincorporated Lee County joined the National Flood Insurance Program to enable residents with mortgages to obtain flood insurance policies through the NFIP and to ensure FEMA will provide emergency assistance to Lee County residents. Through the NFIP, Lee County adopts FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, which determine the cost of flood insurance and set standards for construction in various flood zones.

To lower the cost of National Flood Insurance Program policies, unincorporated Lee County also participates in the Community Rating System.  Because of the points earned in this program, owners of property in A, AE and V flood zones in unincorporated Lee County qualify for a 25% flood insurance discount. The discount in the X Zone, where flood insurance is optional, is 10%. The value of these discounts is $15 million annually. Permit Applicant Brochure.

For flood mapping information for parcels in unincorporated Lee County, please call 239-533-8948 or email FIRMInfo@leegov.com.

Incorporated areas of Lee County are also members of the National Flood Insurance Program. For flood mapping information in those areas, click on the appropriate link below or contact them at the number listed for additional information.

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