​Mobile Food Vendors operating in unincorporated Lee County must comply with local and state laws and is subject to the regulations outlined within Ordinance 22-01, as adopted Jan.18, 2022, by the Lee Board of County Commissioners. These regulations set some locational and operational parameters for "mobile food vendors" (which includes the term "food trucks") consistent with state statute. The regulations:
  • Allow mobile food vendors to operate largely within commercial and industrial areas, as well as within recreational amenity areas in residential developments;
  • Prohibit mobile food vendors from operating within street rights-of-way, landscape buffers and preserve areas;
  • Require compliance with setbacks from roads, residential lots and business entrances for mobile food vendors;
  • Mitigate safety hazards and nuisance-related impacts resulting from the operation of a mobile food vendor;
  • Prohibit operation on undeveloped lots; and,
  • Prohibit the establishment of any semi-permanent or permanent mobile food vending operation.
Before you set up your mobile food operation, you must:
​Maintain State licensing and local business tax receipt requirements. 
​Be temporary – all vehicles, equipment and accessory items must be removed when vending is not taking place. All power must be from a portable or temporary source. 
Be a permitted location – may not be located on undeveloped property and may not be located within 50 feet of a residential lot unless screened appropriately. See Ordinance for permitted zoning districts.
Not have additional accommodations – no mobile food vendor shall provide tables, chairs or other materials and/or equipment to provide accommodations for patrons. See Ordinance for signage allowances

It is important to note that vending within the municipalities in Lee County may be subject to different regulations. Please contact the municipalities directly for additional mobile food vending information and regulations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to comply?

Florida statute and county ordinance mandate compliance. See Florida Statute 509.102, “regulation of mobile food dispensing vehicles involving licenses, registrations, permits, and fees is preempted to the State.” Florida Statute 509.102 Mobile food vending in unincorporated Lee County is subject to the regulations outlined within Ordinance 22-01, as adopted Jan. 18, 2022, by the Lee Board of County Commissioners. This Ordinance provides general standards, permitted/prohibited locations, minimum setbacks, and other relative regulations. This Ordinance applies only to those property within unincorporated Lee County; vending within the municipalities in Lee County may be subject to different regulations

Where does this apply?

The Ordinance applies to unincorporated Lee County. Allowable locations for mobile food vending is dependent on the zoning district of the property. Contact Occszoning@leegov.com with any questions.

My food truck has been at its current location for years, am I grandfathered in?

No. All mobile food vendors are subject to Ordinance 22-01.

Is there a permit to become permanent?

All mobile food vendors in unincorporated Lee County must be temporary.  All vehicles, equipment and other items must be removed from the site when vending is not taking place.

Printable Mobile Food Vendor Regulations Flyer