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Case NumberPagesProject NameDocument NameFormat
DCI2017-00019 38PARADISE ISLENotice to Property Owner for 06-10-2020 HEXpdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEHEX Order of Continuance and new hearing location dated 05-06-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 9PARADISE ISLEAffidavit and photos of zone sign posting for 6-10-2020 HEXpdf
DCI2017-00019 3PARADISE ISLEMemo to HEX dated 05-05-2020 Re: Updated Expert Witness Listpdf
DCI2017-00019 3PARADISE ISLEHEX Order Granting Motion requesting a time certain for public testimony dated 03-30-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLEHEX Order of Continuance to 06-03-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 9PARADISE ISLEAffidavit and Photos of Zone Sign Posting dated 03-13-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 9PARADISE ISLEUpdated Affidavit and Photos of Zone Sign Postingpdf
DCI2017-00019 83PARADISE ISLEAdditional Info Submitted 02-07-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLENorth Fort Myers Fire District Letter 03-13-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEContinuance Requested on 03-12-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 40PARADISE ISLENotice to Property Ownerspdf
DCI2017-00019 178PARADISE ISLEStaff Report (Part 3 - Attachment V thru Attachment Z)pdf
DCI2017-00019 106PARADISE ISLEStaff Report (Part 2 - Attachment J thru Attachment U)pdf
DCI2017-00019 144PARADISE ISLEStaff Report (Part 1 - thru Attachment I)pdf
DCI2017-00019 102PARADISE ISLEAdditional Info Submitted 01-24-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 51PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 03-03-2020pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLE60 day extension letter dated 08-30-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 5PARADISE ISLEInsufficiency Letter Dated 06-25-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 66PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 06-01-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLE30 day extension letter dated 05-15-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 4PARADISE ISLEInsufficiency Letter Dated 03-09-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 13PARADISE ISLELegal Description Part 1 of 2pdf
DCI2017-00019 3PARADISE ISLELegal Description Part 2 of 2pdf
DCI2017-00019 6PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 02-14-18 (Part 3 of 3)pdf
DCI2017-00019 82PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 02-14-18 (Part 1 of 3)pdf
DCI2017-00019 167PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 02-14-18 (Part 2 of 3)pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLE60 Day Extension Letter Dated 12-27-17pdf
DCI2017-00019 7PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 11-06-18 (Part 2 of 2)pdf
DCI2017-00019 78PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 11-06-18 (Part 1 of 2)pdf
DCI2017-00019 7PARADISE ISLEInsufficiency Letter Dated 11-02-17pdf
DCI2017-00019 40PARADISE ISLECourtesy Noticepdf
DCI2017-00019 367PARADISE ISLEOriginal application dated 10-06-17pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLEInsufficiency letter dated 02-19-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEDeferral requested on 06-10-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLESufficiency letter dated 05-16-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 4PARADISE ISLEInsufficiency letter dated 11-29-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLE30 Day Extension Letter Dated 10-23-18pdf
DCI2017-00019 55PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 03-22-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLESchool District's Responsepdf
DCI2017-00019 2PARADISE ISLEAdditional info submitted 04-05-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEDeferral requested on 07-30-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEDeferral Request on 10-11-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 13PARADISE ISLEAdditional Info Submitted 10-18-19pdf
DCI2017-00019 117PARADISE ISLEVariance Report & Labelspdf
DCI2017-00019 1PARADISE ISLEDeferral Requested on 01-08-2020pdf

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