picture of a building granted a special exception​​Zoning Case Types:​​

Special Exception: ​​

A Special Exception allows uses that are not normally permitted in a particular zoning district upon a demonstration that the use will comply with special conditions and standards for location and operation. Examples include day care centers in residential districts or electric substations in commercial districts. Applications are reviewed by the county staff and a written recommendation is forwarded to the applicant and Hearing Examiner prior to the public hearing.

Special Exception Process:

The applicant for a Special Exception is required to submit a completed appli​cation and fee pursuant to the county fee schedule.

The average time to complete the Special Exception process is generally 4-5 months. The decision of the Hearing Examiner is final and appeals of the final decision are made to the Circuit Court.

The general process for Special Exceptio​ns is shown below.

  • Application submitted to permitting
  • Staff review and written recommendation
  • Hearing Examiner public hearing
  • Final decision issued by Hearing Examiner
For more information on the Zoning process, you may contact the Division of Zoning.​​​