2023 Amendments

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CPA2023-00001 - Babcock Road-US 41 Map & Text Amendment
Current Status - Staff Review - Private
Request for a map amendment to change the 49.63-acre site from Urban Community to Central Urban and amend Table 1B to allow FLUC for 70 acres in the District 13, San Carlos Planning Community from Urban Community to Central Urban.

CPA2023-00003 - Southeast Advanced Water Reclamation Facility
Current Status - Staff Preparation - Public
A request to amend the Lee County Future Land Use Map (Map 1A) to redesignate 38+/- acres from the Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource future land use category (FLU) to the Public Facilities FLU category, and remove 38+/- acres from the Private Recreation Facility Overlay Map (Map 1-F) and the Agricultural Overlay Map (Map 1-G) to allow for an Advanced Water Reclamation Facility.