2013 Amendments

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CPA2013-00001 - Small Scale West Lakes Excavation
Current Status - Effective
Applicant is seeking to amend Map 6 Lee County Utilities Future Water Service Area to provide service to +/-2.62 acres within the West Lakes Excavation IPD.

CPA2013-00002 - Agricultural Rezoning in Suburban Areas
Current Status - Effective
Amendment to allow rezoning to Agricultural land uses in the Suburban land use categories.

CPA2013-00003 - RSW Airport Layout Plan (Map 3F)
Current Status - Effective
Amend Lee Plan Map 3(f) to incorporate the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for Southwest Florida International Airport that was recently adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

CPA2013-00004 - Corkscrew Ranch
Current Status - Effective
Application to amend Lee Plan Maps 6 and 7 (Lee County Utilities Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Future Service Areas) to include the Corkscrew Ranch subdivision, approximately 1.5 miles west of the Corkscrew Road-Alico Road intersection.

CPA2013-00005 - University Community DRI Requirement
Current Status - Effective
Amend Policy 18.1.16, Policy18.1.16.6 and Policy 18.2.2 to make the Lee Plan consistent with State requirements that prohibit local governments from requiring Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review for projects that don't meet or exceed state established thresholds.

CPA2013-00006 - Concurrency Amendment
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan to make Lee County concurrency consistent with State regulatory and non-regulatory concurrency requirements. The proposed amendment will make parks and recreation and transportation concurrency non-regulatory. Public education concurrency will remain regulatory due to an inter-local agreement between Lee County, the School District, and five municipalities.

CPA2013-00007 - Wellfield Protection
Current Status - Effective
This amendment proposes two changes to the Lee Plan. The first change, following a request by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), removes language in the Plan pertaining to SFWMD permitting authority. The second change updates the Lee Plan Map that identifies Lee County Utility wells and their associated protection zones which identify adjacent lands needed to protect the public water supply.

CPA2013-00008 - Estero Apartments
Current Status - Effective
Amendment to change approximately 9 acres from General Interchange to Intensive Development and amend Lee Plan Table 1(b) to accommodate the subject site located at 10471 Corkscrew Commons Drive, Estero Planning Community.

CPA2013-00009 - Capital Improvement Plan Update
Current Status - Effective
This amendment replaces existing Tables 3, 3A, and 4 of the Capital Improvement Element with updated tables. These tables show expenditures and revenue for Capital Improvements in Lee County.