2012/2013 Regular Amendment Cycle

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Current Status - Withdrawn
THIS CASE IS WITHDRAWN - THE COUNTY IS NOT PURSUING AT THIS TIME. Proposed amendment to the County's comprehensive plan to evaluate establishment of an overlay zone, and other planning technique, for development in the County's Research and Enterprise Diamond area.

Current Status - Effective
Request to amend Policies 1.2.1, 1.2.7 and 1.9.8 of the Future Land Use Element.

Current Status - Effective
(State Amendment No. 15-2ESR) Amend the Future Land Use Map for 585.6 acres of land within the Rural Future Land Use Category to the Sub-Outlying Suburban Future Land Use Category. Also amend Table 1(b), Year 2030 Allocations, to adjust the acreage allocations for the Fort Myers Shores Planning Community to provide an allocation for the Sub-Outlying Suburban Future Land Use Category and lowering the allocation to the Rural Future Land Use Category.