2011 Amendments

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CPA2011-00018 - Corkscrew Woods
Current Status - Effective
This is a request for a future land use map amendment from Density Reduction/Groundwater Resources (DR/GR) & Wetlands to Sub-Outlying Suburban, Wetland Conservation & Upland Conservation. Also requested is a Lee Plan text amendment to Lee Plan Table 1(b), Year 2030 Allocations, and amendments to Maps 6 & 7, Water and Wastewater Utility Service Areas.

CPA2011-00019 - Alico Airpark
Current Status - Withdrawn
This case was deemed withdrawn on 5-11-16 due to inactivity. This is a request for a text amendment to allow multi-family in the Tradeport future land use category east of Airport Haul Road and south of Airport Road.

CPA2011-00020 - Fiddlesticks Boulevard Parcel
Current Status - Denied
This is a request to amend Map 1 of the Future Land Use Map Series to change the future land use category of a 394-acre property on Fiddlesticks Boulevard from Rural and Wetlands to Outlying Suburban. The property is located east of the south end of Fiddlesticks Boulevard and West of I-75 in the Daniels Parkway Planning Community.

CPA2011-00021 - Enterprise Diamond Area
Current Status - Withdrawn
THIS CASE IS WITHDRAWN - THE COUNTY IS NOT PURSUING AT THIS TIME. Proposed amendment to the County's comprehensive plan to evaluate establishment of an overlay zone, and other planning technique, for development in the County's Research and Enterprise Diamond area.

CPA2011-00022 - Port Auth. Hazardous Wildlife Attractant Update
Current Status - Effective
Request to amend Policies 1.2.1, 1.2.7 and 1.9.8 of the Future Land Use Element.