2010 Amendments

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CPA2010-00001 - Florida Gulf Coast Technology Center
Current Status - Effective
This amendment proposes to modify the Tradeport Land Use category, Policy 1.2.2, by establishing criteria under which community and regional retail commercial development may occur in conjunction with industrial, office and research and development, if developed as a single project which provides for economic development opportunities. The regional and community commercial uses would be in addition to the corner-store commercial land uses currently permitted in this land use category.

CPA2010-00002 - University Highland
Current Status - Effective
This is an application to redesignate 208.4 acres of property currently designated as Suburban to Urban Community.

CPA2010-00003 - Small Scale 5236 Orange River
Current Status - Effective
Small Scale Map Amendment to change land use on a parcel of 0.9 acres from Suburban land use category to General Commercial Interchange to allow the development of a large vehicle sale lot (RV's and/or Boats).

CPA2010-00004 - Villages of Pine Island Sewer Service
Current Status - Effective
Amend Map 7 of the Lee Plan, the Future Sewer Service Areas Map, to provide sanitary sewer service to an approved multi-family residential development and two commercial properties.

CPA2010-00005 - North Olga Community Plan
Current Status - Effective
Adopt the proposed North Olga Community Plan and the Northeast Lee County Planning Community Goal and subsequent provisions in response to community planning efforts.

CPA2010-00006 - Pine Tarr, LLC
Current Status - Effective
Amend policy 14.1.5 to permit clearing of wetlands in accordance with an approved Environmental Resource Permit for a planned development on Pine Island.

CPA2010-00007 - Minus Forty Technology Corps
Current Status - Adopt
Amend the Future Land Use Map Series, Map 1, to change approximately 15.56 acres of land designated Suburban to Industrial Development and Conservation Lands Uplands and Conservation Lands Wetlands.

CPA2010-00008 - SWFIA Non-Aviation Development Update
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Lee Plan provisions specific to the development of the Southwest Florida International Airport and Table 5(a) Southwest Florida International Airport Development Schedule to modify the development parameters allowed within the future non-aviation areas at the Southwest Florida International Airport.

CPA2010-00009 - Update CIE - County and School District CIP
Current Status - Effective
Update Tables 3, 3(a), and 4, the Capital Improvement Program tables for both the County and the School District.

CPA2010-00012 - Conservation Lands Update
Current Status - Adopt
Amend the Future Land Use Map series, Map 1, by updating the Conservation land use categories.

CPA2010-00014 - Commercial Site Location Standard Exceptions
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Lee Plan Objective 4.3.1 to refer to the Land Development Code Chapter 32: Compact Communities; Adopt Lee Plan Policy 4.2.7 and revise Objective 6.1 to exempt commercial development within the Mixed Use Overlay from the site location standards of Lee Plan Policy 6.1.2 when implementing the provisions of Chapter 32; Amend Lee Plan Map 1, Page 6 the Mixed Use Overlay to match the Lehigh Acres Downtown Specialized Mixed-Use Node.

CPA2010-00015 - Captiva Community Plan Update
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Policy 13.1.2 to clarify the building and structure height regulations on Captiva Island.

CPA2010-00016 - Remove Duplicate Boca Grande Goal
Current Status - Adopt
Remove the duplicate Boca Grande goal from the Lee Plan.

CPA2010-00017 - Alva Community Plan
Current Status - Adopt
Amend the Alva Community Plan in response to community planning efforts.

CPA2010-00019 - Recreation Facilities Standards Update
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Objective 79.1, Objective 82.2, Objective 83.2, Policy 83.2.1, and Policy 95.1.3 concerning the Non-Regulatory Level of Service Standards for boat ramps, water access, and community recreation standards.

CPA2010-00021 - Beach Renourishment Amendment
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Policy 113.3.1 to clarify that beach renourishment sand sources should be identified and protected.

CPA2010-00022 - Caloosahatchee Shores Community Plan Clarification
Current Status - Adopt
Amend Map 1, Special Treatment Areas, Page 2 of 8, Community Planning Areas, to modify the boundary between the Caloosahatchee Shores and Olga Communities. Clarify the appropriate areas for commercial and mixed uses. Clarify the public participation language in Policy 21.6.3.