2009 Amendments

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CPA2009-00001 - Alico West Future Land Use Map Amendment
Current Status - Effective
Amend the future land use category of 919.5 acres of land from the Density Reduction/Ground Water future land use category to the University Community future land use category. The property is located on the south side of Alico Road, east of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and north of the Miromar Lakes residential community. The applicant is requesting the amendment to accommodate 1,950 residential units, 250 hotel rooms and approximately 1.6 million square feet of commercial space.

CPA2009-00002 - North Olga Community Plan
Current Status - Withdrawn
Amend the Lee Plan to reflect the North Olga Community Plan. The proposed amendment includes goals, policies and objectives specific to the North Olga Community.

CPA2009-00003 - Old Corkscrew Plantation Golf Club Amendment
Current Status - Withdrawn
This case has been withdrawn because it was handled through the DRGR amendment (CPA2008-00006). It was due to the partial relinquishing by mine interests that allowed this language to become effective. Original request was for a text amendment to create a density "receiving" area adjacent to the Old Corkscrew Golf Course to allow for Fractional Ownership/Timeshare units and a Bed and Breakfast establishment.

CPA2009-00004 - Update CIE - County and School District CIP
Current Status - Effective
Update Table 3 and Table 3(a), the Capital Improvement Program tables for both the County and the School District.

CPA2009-00005 - Commercial FLUC Amendment
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Commercial Future Land Use Category Policy to include a Floor Area Ratio for the Pine Island Road/Orchid Road Commercial area.

CPA2009-00006 - SWFIA Development Amendment
Current Status - Withdrawn
Modify Table 5(a), Southwest Florida International Airport Development Schedule, to address changing needs

CPA2009-00007 - Page Field Development Amendment
Current Status - Withdrawn
Modify Table 5(b), Page Field General Aviation Airport Development Schedule, to address changing needs

CPA2009-00008 - Conservation Lands - Update
Current Status - Effective
Update Conservation Lands Future Land Use designations on the Future Land Use Map.

CPA2009-00009 - Resort Mixed Use Water Dependent Overlay
Current Status - Effective
Amend Goal 12 and Map 2, to refine the San Carlos Island Water-Dependent Overlay Zone.

CPA2009-00010 - LOS Standard for Six Mile Cypress Parkway
Current Status - Effective
In order to comply with State Law when receiving TRIP funds, amend Policy 37.1.1 to modify the LOS standard for a segment of Six Mile Cypress Parkway to adhere to the statewide minimum LOS.