2005 Amendments

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CPA2005-00001 - Vicott, Inc.
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan Future Land Use Map Series for two parcels totaling approximately 7.67 +/- acres located in Section 05, Township 46, Range 24, to change Map 1 from Industrial Development and Wetlands to Urban Community and Wetlands Conservation Lands. In the alternative, staff recommends to change the subject site on Map 1 from Industrial Development and Wetlands to Commercial and Wetlands Conservation Lands.

CPA2005-00002 - Carlton Property
Current Status - Deny

CPA2005-00003 - Comp Plan Amendment for Estero
Current Status - Withdrawn
Amend the Lee Plan by adding text to the glossary definition of density to adjust the density calculation methodology to allow incentives for mixed use development within the Estero Planning Community

CPA2005-00005 - Three Oaks North aka Alico Road
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan's Future Land Use Map series for 169.2 +/- acres in northwest quadrant of I-75 and Alico Road. Section 3, Township 46 South, Range 25 East, Lee County, Florida, lying west of I-75 from Industrial Development and Wetlands to Industrial Commercial Interchange and Wetlands.

CPA2005-00016 - San Carlos/Estero Boundaries
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Future Land Use Map Series, Map 16, Lee County Planning Communities, to adjust the boundary between the Estero and San Carlos Planning Communities west of U.S. 41

CPA2005-00017 - Long Range Transportation Plan
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Transportation Element to update Policy 36.1.1 and the Transportation Map series, Map 3, to reflect the new 2030 MPO Long Range Transportation Plan.

CPA2005-00025 - Lee Plan Horizon
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan to change the references from 2020 to 2030 and update the Vision Statements to 2030.

CPA2005-00026 - Update Year 2020 Allocations to 2030
Current Status - Effective
Amend Future Land Use Element Policies: 1.1.1 and 1.7.6, converting the Lee Plan's planning horizon to the year 2030 and revising Table 1(b) Planning Community Year 2020 Allocations to update the allocations through the Year 2030. Amend The Lee Plan Map 16 (Lee County Planning Communities Map) to reflect the changes in municipal boundaries.

CPA2005-00027 - Update CIP Tables
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Capital Improvements Element (Tables 3 & 4) to reflect the latest adopted Capital Improvement Program.

CPA2005-00029 - Update Public Facilities
Current Status - Effective
Update the Public Facilities Category on the FLUM

CPA2005-00035 - New Urbanism Definitions
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan Chapter XXII - Glossary to incorporate concepts of New Urbanism and Mixed Use Developments.

CPA2005-00037 - Other FLU Element - New Urbanism and Smart Growth
Current Status - Effective
Incorporate the concepts and principles of New Urbanism, Traditional Neighborhood Design, and Transit Oriented Development. Amend the Future Land Use Map series to include a “Mixed Use Overlay”

CPA2005-00041 - Manatee Protection Plan
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Conservation and Coastal Management Element and/or the Future Land Use Element to incorporate the "boating facility siting element" of the Manatee Protection Plan as required by F.S. 370.12.(2)(t)(3).

CPA2005-00046 - Smart Growth Recommendations
Current Status - Effective
Incorporate provisions of the Smart Growth Committee's recommendations, not otherwise included in other components of the 2005 cycle of amendments.

CPA2005-00047 - Housing Element Update
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Lee Plan to update the Housing Element reflecting the findings of the Housing Needs Assessment.

CPA2005-00049 - Mining
Current Status - Withdrawn
Amend the Lee Plan to address the further impacts of mining and steps needed for adequate mitigation or preventing of adverse impacts. Further, recommendations are made to prevent future land use conflicts between mining and other uses in rural areas. Goal 10, Natural Resources Extraction, is proposed to be expanded to include measures for rock mining, and for mitigation of rock mining impacts with adjacent land uses.