2002 Amendments

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Current Status - None/Pending
Alva Community Plan - Establish a Community Plan for the Alva Community with revised Goals and Objectives, and a series of Policies dealing exclusively with development issues affecting the Community of Alva

Current Status - Effective
Estero Land Trust - 60 Acres from Rural to Outlying Suburban

CPA2002-00004 - Caloosahatchee Shores Community Plan
Current Status - Effective
Caloosahatchee Shores Community Plan

CPA2002-00005 - Palm Beach Boulevard - I-75 Land Use
Current Status - Tabled
Evaluate and amend the Future Land Use Map Series, Map 1, the Future Land Use Map in the general area surrounding the interchange of Interstate 75 and State Road 80, Palm Beach Boulevard.

Current Status - Effective
Amend Table 1(b), Planning Community Year 2020 Allocations, by correcting the Outlying Suburban Allocation for the Alva Community.

CPA2002-00007 - Luckett Road, Bonita Beach Road Access Mgt. Plans
Current Status - None/Pending
Modify Policy 1.3.8 to add the specific access management plans for Luckett Road and Bonita Beach Road in the vicinity of I-75. (Text and maps) - Follow-up to PAT 99-27 and CPA2001-12-M/T

CPA2002-00008 - Conservation Lands - Update
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Future Land Use Map series, Map 1, by updating the Conservation Lands land use categories.

CPA2002-00009 - Oil Related Activities
Current Status - Tabled
Amend the Future Land Use Element by recommending policies which incorporate findings on the compatibility of oil-related activities with the environment and urban uses as directed by Policy 10.2.1.

Current Status - Tabled
Amend Goal 16, Private Recreational Facilities in the DR/GR, and its subsequent objectives and policies to clarify golf course utility issues.

CPA2002-00011 - Buckingham Potable Water
Current Status - Effective
Amend Goal 17, Buckingham, of the Future Land Use Element by adding language that allows the extension of water and sewer lines to serve the community.

CPA2002-00012 - Amend Goal 74
Current Status - Tabled
Amend the Conservation and Coastal Management Element by revising Goal 74, Coastal Resource Protection, to apply on a county-wide basis rather than being limited to the coastal planning area. In addition amend Policy 1.5.1 of the Future Land Use Element to include a reference to Goal 74.

CPA2002-00013 - Financially Feasible Transportation Map
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Transportation Maps of the Future Land Use Map Series and any related policy references to reflect the latest Lee County MPO 2020 Financially Feasible Transportation Plan map.

CPA2002-00014 - Amend Policy 22.1.1
Current Status - None/Pending
Amend Policy 22.1.1 (Level of Service Standards) of the Transportation Element to reflect urbanized area boundary changes.

CPA2002-00015 - Constrained Road
Current Status - Effective
Update Table 2(a), Constrained Roads/State and County Roads, to eliminate Old 41, which is now a City of Bonita Springs road.

CPA2002-00016 - Alternative Transportation Concurrency
Current Status - None/Pending
Amend Objectives 22.3 and 22.4, and related policies, of the Transportation Element to reflect alternative transportation concurrency proposal suggested to the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

CPA2002-00017 - Water and Sewer Service Areas
Current Status - Tabled
Evaluate and amend the Community Facilities Element, Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Sub-Elements to clarify the county's position on providing service outside of the adopted service areas.

CPA2002-00018 - Amend Wellfield Cones of Influence
Current Status - Tabled
Amend the Future Land Use Map Series, Map 8, to reflect new technical data provided by the Division of Natural Resources.

CPA2002-00019 - 2002 CIP Update
Current Status - Effective
Amend the Capital Improvements Element (Tables 3 & 4) to reflect the latest adopted Capital Improvement Program.

CPA2002-00020 - Charlotte Harbor Management Plan
Current Status - Tabled
Amend the Conservation and Coastal Management Element in accordance with Natural Resources staff’s evaluation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Greater Charlotte Harbor Watershed.

CPA2002-00021 - Bayshore Surface Water Management
Current Status - None/Pending
Bayshore surface water management language (Rick Barber language, consider adopting county wide)

CPA2002-00022 - Policy 100.2.3 Text Update
Current Status - Effective
Amend Policy 100.2.3 of the Housing Element by correcting the reference to Special Exception in Policy 100.2.3.