​​​Documents are available from January 2010 to Current for all committees except BPAC which are available from January 2012 to Current. Click on the committee name below to access documents for that committee.

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​Affordable Housing Committee (AHC)
​Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC​)
​Bo​ca Grande Historic Preservation Board (BGHPB)
​Building Industry Oversight Committee (BIOC)
​Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee (EROC)
Eagle Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC)
​Lee County Historic Preservation Board (LCHPB)
​Land Development Code Advisory Committee (LDCAC)
Local Planning Agency (LPA)

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Document Type# of PagesMeeting DateDescriptionCommittee
Entire Packet 1510/17/2018 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 210/17/2018 BPAC
Audio Recording 110/17/2018 BPAC
Approved Minutes 609/19/2018Approved 10-17-18BPAC
Audio Recording 109/19/2018 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 109/19/2018CIP Project List 2019-23BPAC
Entire Packet 1709/19/2018 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 109/19/2018 BPAC
Approved Minutes 506/20/2018Approved on 9/19/18BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 406/20/2018MPO - SR78 PD&E StudyBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 406/20/2018Gateway Sidewalk RequestBPAC
Sign In Sheet 206/20/2018 BPAC
Entire Packet 1406/20/2018 BPAC
Audio Recording 106/20/2018 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 105/18/2018Handout 5/16/18BPAC
Approved Minutes 505/16/2018 BPAC
Audio Recording 105/16/2018 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 205/16/2018 BPAC
Entire Packet 1105/16/2018 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 105/16/2018Bike Month ResolutionBPAC
Approved Minutes 403/21/2018Approved on 5/16/18BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 103/21/2018Staff HandoutBPAC
Sign In Sheet 103/21/2018 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 2803/21/2018VisionZero Powerpoint PresentationBPAC
Entire Packet 1303/21/2018 BPAC
Audio Recording 103/21/2018 BPAC
Approved Minutes 402/21/2018approved on 3/21/18BPAC
Audio Recording 102/21/2018 BPAC
Entire Packet 1102/21/2018 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 202/21/2018 BPAC
Approved Minutes 501/17/2018Approved on 2/21/18BPAC
Audio Recording 101/17/2018 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 201/17/2018 BPAC
Entire Packet 1301/17/2018 BPAC
Approved Minutes 511/15/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 1711/15/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 211/15/2017 BPAC
Audio Recording 111/15/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 710/18/2017approved at 11-15-17 meetingBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 110/18/2017School District Map/HandoutBPAC
Sign In Sheet 210/18/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 1910/18/2017 BPAC
Audio Recording 110/18/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 608/16/2017 BPAC
Audio Recording 108/16/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 208/16/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 2108/16/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 606/21/2017approved on 8/16/17BPAC
Audio Recording 106/21/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 2806/21/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 606/21/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 206/21/2017 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 205/17/2017Handout 5/17/17BPAC
Approved Minutes 905/17/2017 BPAC
Audio Recording 105/17/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 3305/17/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 904/19/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 204/19/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 204/19/2017 BPAC
Audio Recording 104/19/2017 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 104/19/2017Patricia Dalley HandoutBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 904/19/2017Royal Palm Vlg PetitionBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 104/19/2017Royal Palm Vlg HandoutBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 104/19/2017Map Hand OutBPAC
Entire Packet 3304/19/2017 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 303/16/201703152017 PresentationsBPAC
Sign In Sheet 203/15/2017 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 103/15/2017Trails SpreadsheetBPAC
Audio Recording 103/15/2017March 15 2017 MtgBPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 103/15/201717th St Sidewalk request/Compton EmailBPAC
Approved Minutes 702/15/2017Approved at 3/15/17BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 202/15/2017VCB Handout 2/15/17BPAC
Entire Packet 3302/15/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 202/15/2017 BPAC
Sign In Sheet 201/19/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 701/18/2017Approved 2/15/17 MtgBPAC
Audio Recording 101/18/2017 BPAC
Entire Packet 3701/18/2017 BPAC
Approved Minutes 1511/16/2016Approved 1/18/17BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 711/16/2016Handouts on 11-16-16BPAC
Sign In Sheet 211/16/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 2511/16/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 111/16/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 2210/19/2016Meeting Canceled - No QuorumBPAC
Approved Minutes 609/21/2016Approved 11-16-16BPAC
Audio Recording 109/21/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 109/21/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 108/17/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 108/17/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 108/17/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 107/20/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 107/20/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 107/20/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 106/15/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 106/15/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 106/15/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 105/18/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 105/18/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 105/18/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 104/20/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 104/20/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 104/20/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 103/16/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 103/16/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 103/16/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 102/17/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 102/17/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 102/17/2016 BPAC
Audio Recording 101/20/2016 BPAC
Entire Packet 101/20/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 101/20/2016 BPAC
Approved Minutes 112/16/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 112/16/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 112/16/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 111/18/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 111/18/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 111/18/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 110/21/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 110/21/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 110/21/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 109/16/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 109/16/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 109/16/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 108/19/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 108/19/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 108/19/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 107/15/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 107/15/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 107/15/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 106/17/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 106/17/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 106/17/2015 BPAC
Agenda 105/05/2015Advisory Meeting cancelledBPAC
Approved Minutes 104/15/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 104/15/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 104/15/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 103/18/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 103/18/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 103/18/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 102/18/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 102/18/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 102/18/2015 BPAC
Approved Minutes 101/21/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 101/21/2015 BPAC
Entire Packet 101/21/2015 BPAC
Audio Recording 112/17/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 112/17/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 112/17/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 111/19/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 111/19/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 111/19/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 110/15/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 110/15/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 110/15/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 109/17/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 109/17/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 109/07/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 107/16/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 107/16/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 107/16/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 105/21/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 105/21/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 105/21/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 504/16/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 104/16/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 104/16/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 102/19/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 102/19/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 102/19/2014 BPAC
Audio Recording 101/15/2014 BPAC
Approved Minutes 101/15/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 101/15/2014 BPAC
Entire Packet 112/18/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 112/18/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 112/18/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 111/20/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 111/20/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 111/20/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 110/16/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 110/16/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 110/16/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 109/18/2013WorkshopBPAC
Approved Minutes 109/18/2013Workshop MinutesBPAC
Audio Recording 108/21/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 108/21/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 108/21/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 106/19/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 106/19/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 106/19/2013 BPAC
Miscellaneous Documents 105/15/2013Meeting notesBPAC
Agenda 105/15/2013No quorumBPAC
Audio Recording 105/15/2013WorkshopBPAC
Audio Recording 104/17/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 104/17/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 104/17/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 103/20/2013 BPAC
Entire Packet 103/20/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 103/20/2013 BPAC
Audio Recording 102/20/2013 BPAC
Agenda 102/20/2013No quorumBPAC
Approved Minutes 102/20/2013 BPAC
Agenda 101/16/2013No quorumBPAC
Audio Recording 101/16/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 101/16/2013 BPAC
Approved Minutes 109/19/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 109/19/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 109/19/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 108/15/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 108/15/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 108/15/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 107/18/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 107/18/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 107/18/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 106/20/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 106/20/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 106/20/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 105/16/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 105/16/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 105/16/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 1404/18/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 104/18/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 104/18/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 103/21/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 103/21/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 103/21/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 102/15/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 102/15/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 102/15/2012 BPAC
Entire Packet 101/18/2012 BPAC
Audio Recording 101/18/2012 BPAC
Approved Minutes 101/18/2012 BPAC