We were recently made aware of the closure of ProChamps. 

We are currently working on a remedy to limit the backlog of registrations and renewals, however, at this time, we do not have any additional information to provide. 

Once we have a solid course of action, we will provide updates to this webpage. 

​​​​Lee County Ordinance No. 13-18

All properties meeting the criteria of abandoned improved property located in Unincorporated Lee County must be registered annually in the Abandoned Properties Registration Program. The criteria for abandoned improved property and all other pertinent information can be found in Lee County Ordinance No. 13-18. 

Registration is not in compliance with Lee County Ordinance No. 13-18 until the registration fees have been paid. 

The provisions of this ordinance will be enforced by Lee County Code Enforcement, or its designee, pursuant to the provisions of Lee County Land Development Code, Chapter 2, Article VII or any other legal means available to the County.​​