​​​​​When is a permit required?​​​

Activities held within unincorporated Lee County that involve the use of public property, facilities or roads -- or where alcohol will be sold or consumed within Lee County facilities -- require a permit. A permit is also required for an event on private property where 1,000 or more people are expected to attend.



Which permit do I need?​

Please review the descriptions below to determine which permit(s) you may need. The permit application in the box above is a "fillable" PDF that can be saved to your desktop, edited electronically and emailed to the sign-off agencies; or it can be printed if necessary. Original signatures are required on page 5 of the application; we suggest you print and sign this page, then either scan and add as an email attachment to the Permitting Office at specialevents@leegov.com.

A User’s Guide is available to provide assistance with general questions about the process. For more help, call the Permitting Office at 239-533-8330 or the Film Office at 239-338-3500.

Special Event

  • If it is a large event expecting 1,000 or more attendees per day, regardless of location in unincorporated Lee County (public or private property), a "Special Event Permit" is required. 
    • Examples: Festivals, Concerts, Fairs, Circuses, Large Community Events

 Use of County Property

  • If the event is held within Lee County on or in a County park, facility or roadway, a "Use of County Property Permit" is required. (Please note: Specific requirements apply to use of Old Courthouse steps and the adjacent property.)
    • Examples: Parades, Road Races, Smaller Community Events

 Sell and Consume Alcoholic Beverages within Lee County Facilities

  • If alcohol is being sold or consumed on Lee County property, an "Alcohol Permit" is required. A nonprofit certification is required for the sale of alcohol at an event.
    • Examples: Authors’ Readings, Wedding Receptions, Art Receptions

 Film, Video and Photography

  • If you are producing a feature/independent film, commercial or series, or any other film/video/digital related project that affects public property, or if your production is taking place on private property and involves the use of pyrotechnics, explosives or other incendiary devices, firearms or use of gunfire or involves stunts of any kind, or your production is taking place on public property in unincorporated Lee County, you will need to apply for a "Film Permit."
    • Examples: Photo shoots, Documentaries, TV Commercials, Movies

 Fireworks, Tents & Temporary Structures

  • Any event involving fireworks, tents or any temporary structure requires an addition temporary permit from Development Services in the Community Development Department. Call 239-533-8329.