picture of Coconut Point bridge entranceZoning Case Types:​​​​​


Administrative Variances:

Under limited circumstances, the Director is authorized to modify street, rear, side, and water body setbacks, including residential fences. Administrative variances are limited to resolving minor (one foot) encroachment errors that occur during construction, and are granted at the discretion of the Director. In addition, the Director is authorized to grant administrative deviation from a select group of technical standards (i.e. road specifications, water main sizing, etc.) provided that the alternative proposal is found to be based upon sound engineering and practice and is not detrimental to the safety and welfare of the public.  

Administrative Amendments:

Changes may be made to Planned Development zoned properties. Certain changes or amendments do not require public hearings. Amendments to the interior of a development may be approved administratively if they do not increase density or intensity, reduce open space, buffering, landscaping or preservation areas, or adversely impact surrounding land. The applicant will need to provide a complete record of previous zoning actions, a statement of purpose, and revised plans.

Amendments which do not meet the criteria for administrative approval require public hearings and are processed in the same manner as a Planned Development rezoning. 

Administrative Variances & Amendments Process:

The applicant for an administrative variance or amendment required to submit a completed application and fee pursuant to the county fee​ schedule.​

For more information on the Zoning process, you may contact the Division of Zoning.​