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All multiple-family residential, commercial, institutional, infrastructure, industrial development projects and subdivisions must obtain a Development Order before beginning any site work activities and the issuance of a building permit.

Chapter 10 of the Lee County Land ​De​velopment Code provides the review procedures and application requirements to obtain a Development Order.

The review of a Development Order application is an administrative process involving other divisions and departments within the County. In general, projects must be designed to achieve the following:

  • Manage impacts on ecological systems.
  • Evaluate and address traffic impacts.
  • Provide for adequate streets, potable water and sewerage systems, drainage and overall stormwater management systems, fire protection, landscaping and site buffering.
  • Preserve and protect wetlands, protected species and historical resources.
  • Compliance with applicable zoning regulations, densities and intensity of allowable uses.

In addition to regular full Development Orders, Section 10-174 of the Land Development Code​ provides for the issuance of Limited Review Development Orders.  These Development Orders are utilized for specific smaller projects that are considered to have insignificant impacts.

Get specific information on the types of projects that would qualify for a Limited Review Development Order. ​​

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