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​​​Placing a Lee County Certificate of Competency (a.k.a Local License) on Voluntary Inactive Status 

If circumstances (example – no longer in business and/or no longer contracting under your license) require you to place your license on voluntary inactive status you may do so by following the steps below.  This will allow you to maintain your license without purchasing insurance or having to retest when you're ready to reactivate your license. 

  1. Complete an  Application for Inactive Status  (you may fax, email, mail or drop off the application) 
  2. An inactive license is valid for a period of one year (through Sept. 30) and must be renewed annually by payment of appropriate fees.  Inactive and/or inactive renewal fees are: $18 before Sept. 30 – late charges accrue monthly:  $15 Oct. and $5 each month thereafter.

​How to Activate an Inactive Lee County Certificate of Competency​​​​
An inactive certificate of competency (local license) may be reactivated administratively or upon Lee County Contractor Licensing Board approval per Lee County Ordinance No. 00‐26​, Section Nine: H.  If a certificate of competency has not expired and is in a current Inactive status the license can be reactivated by mailing or bringing in the following: 
  • Submit a completed Application for Change of Status​
  • If the license has been inactive for more than six months, submit personal and business credit reports which are not more than six (6) months old with Beacon Scores
Applications may be approved administratively which takes approximately 3 days OR our department may decide to refer an application to reactivate a license to the Lee County Contractor Licensing Board.  The application will be scheduled on the next available hearing date (third Tuesday of every month). The applicant will receive a letter advising of his or her appearance requirement. Upon approval, the applicant will be notified through the contact information provided in the application. You will be required to submit the following:  
  • Certificate of Competency fee of ($90) or any late renewal fees
  • Insurance Documentation (Certificate of Insurance) 

​Application for Workman’s Compensation Exemption can be made through the State of Florida’s local Bureau of Compliance office located at 2295 Victoria Ave Suite # 163, Fort Myers, Florida  33901. Phone #: 239‐461‐4006. You may visit the State of Florida's website​ for more information.