Florida State Statute 553.791 (Alternative Plans Review and Inspection) authorizes a fee owner to elect the use of a Private Provider for plans review and/or required building inspection services. It covers the rights and responsibilities of the fee owner, the Private Provider, and the local Building Official/Building Code Enforcement Agency.  Pursuant to the Statute Lee County requires the use of Private Provider Inspections if Private Provider Plan Review is utilized.

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Lee County Requires a one-time registration of a Private Provider Firm.  There is no fee associated with the registration.  During this process, proper licensure and insurance is verified and documented so it only has to be produced a single time.

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Registration Checklist

To register as a Private Provider, please complete and submit the following documentation. You can email a submission package to inspections@leegov.com   

  • Private Provider Registration Form
  • Copy(s) of Professional Licenses for each of the Duly Authorized Representatives regulated by Florida Statutes 481, 471, and 486.
  • Certificate(s) of Insurance.
Permit Submittal Document Checklist

  • Notice to Building Official
    Principal document required for the official election to use a Private Provider and will specify if the Private Provider will perform the services of plan review and/or inspections.
  • Private Provider Plan Compliance Affidavit (required only if Private Provider is handling plan review)
    Principal document used to confirm that the Private Provider has performed the required plans reviews and has approved those plans for code compliance under the allowable scope per FS 553.791.
  • Private Provider Plan Review Intake Information
    The required form will be used to process permit applications efficiently and expeditiously.
  • Construction documents being submitted shall have a stamp or notice of reviewed for code compliance of the private provider on the cover page of all submitted drawings.
Inspections Scheduling/Resulting Process

Inspections can be scheduled through our web portal: https://aca.leegov.com, or through our automated phone system, 239-533-8997.  More information can be found on the Inspections Webpage.

Documentation and steps required for Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion for a project where Private Provider is Utilized.

Private Provider Compliance
Must be submitted as outlined in FS 553.791(12) - Upon completion of all required inspections, the private provider shall prepare a certificate of compliance, on a form acceptable to the local building official, summarizing the inspections performed and including a written representation, under oath, that the stated inspections have been performed and that, to the best of the private provider's knowledge and belief, the building construction inspected complies with the approved plans and applicable codes. The statement required of the private provider shall be substantially in the following form and shall be signed and sealed by a private provider as established in subsection (1):

"To the best of my knowledge and belief, the building components and site improvements outlined herein and inspected under my authority have been completed in conformance with the approved plans and the applicable codes".