Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​​​​​Needed for ALL SIGNS:

  1. Completed Application. Get the application.

  2. Certificate. A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy issued from a building permit or Certificate of Use issued from a Use Permit with the same name and address as the sign copy. If none of the above, the "Consent to Erect a Sign" on the second page of the application must be signed.

  3. Three Plan Sets. The plan sets must include the following information:
    • Road frontage of property in lineal feet
    • Ground sign location
    • Setbacks from road Right-of Way
    • Side setbacks
    • Building location 

Needed for GROUND SIGNS:

    • Height
    • Dimensions of the structure (and the dimensions of the text area if it is a monument sign)
    • Sign Copy
    • Engineering (if over 6 feet) prepared in compliance with Florida Building Code 7th Edition (2020)
    • Construction material and attachment details
    • Licensed Contractor needed for signs over 32 square feet or 10 feet high
    • Explanation of how the sign will be illuminated 

Needed for WALL SIGNS:

    • Wall elevations with dimensions of the wall below the roof line
    • Sign location on wall with sign dimensions measured to the highest widest point of the sign
    • Sign​ copy
    • Attachment details
Wall signs must be pulled by a licensed contractor unless painted on wall, OR if it is foam, wood or plastic letters OR if it is wood, metal or plastic panel.


    • The UL number
    • Electrical detail
If the source of electric is not existing, an electric permit will be required.
If the sign includes NEON, a separate electric permit is required. If the sign installer holds an SE license (Sign Erection electrical license), he may pull the electric permit for the connection of the sign.


  • Plan Review $25
  • Sign Permit $75 minimum / $0.50 psf
  • Electric Permit (if required) $75