Effective June 30, 2015

​​SFR Addition Living Area​$112.00 Square Feet
​Attached Garage​$112.00 Square Feet
​Interior Remodel​$60.00 Square Feet
​Enclose Under Existing Roof​$60.00 Square Feet
​Open Lanai / Entry Addition​$60.00 Square Feet
​Enclosed Under Structure​$60.00 Square Feet
​Trussed Carport / Screen Room​$60.00 Square Feet
​New Truss System​$50.00 Square Feet
​Deck​$30.00 Square Feet
These values will be used to calculate costs of construction for use in the substantial improvement/substantial damage calculation (50% Rule). The alternate to this cost of construction is to use the FEMA itemization form for substantial improvement/substantial damage.​​


Additional information on Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage (50% Rule)