Effective January 1, 2024

​​SFR Addition Living Area
​$165.00 Square Feet
​Attached Garage​$165.00 Square Feet
​Interior Remodel**
​$85.00 Square Feet
​Enclose Under Existing Roof​$85.00 Square Feet
​Open Lanai / Entry Addition​$85.00 Square Feet
​Enclosed Under Structure​$85.00 Square Feet
​Trussed Carport / Screen Room​$85.00 Square Feet
​New Truss System​$70.00 Square Feet
​Deck​$43.00 Square Feet
These values will be used to calculate costs of construction for use in the substantial improvement/substantial damage calculation (50% Rule). The alternate to this cost of construction is to use the FEMA itemization form for substantial improvement/substantial damage.​​

**If an appraisal is submitted to establish the value of the existing building, the "per square foot" cost of construction used in the appraisal will also be used to establish the "per square foot" cost of construction for the new work being proposed. 

Additional information on Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage (50% Rule)