Effectiveness of Vegetated Floating Mats (June 2010)

Powell Creek Algal Turf Scrubber Pilot Final Report (December 2009)

Progress Report: Nitrogen Reduction Phase One Pilot Testing at Lakes Park (November 2013)

Lakes Park Water Quality Testing With Alum Injection (2011)

South Lee County Watershed Plan Final Recommendations (January 2011)

Floating Mats FINAL Report (June 2010)

South Lee County Watershed Plan Update Final Report (May 2009)

The Lee County Southeastern Density Reduction Groundwater Resource DR/GR Area (September 2009)

Lee County Best Management Practices Final Report (November 2009)

East Mulloch Report - (July 2008)

Ten Mile Canal Filter Marsh Final Report (10/24/07) 

Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) Surface Water Quality Model of Estero Bay Watershed (February 2002) 

Lee County Culvert Map 
Major culvert crossing within watersheds

Lee County Surface Water Management Plan
(Zip file 30.58 MB)

NW Lee County Surface Water Management Plan Report
(Zip file) For access to all the files, please email Phil Gillogly

 North Fort Myers Surface Water Master Plan


 City of Cape Coral Stormwater Master Plan Phase II (05/2015)


 Babcock Property Holding 2009  Settlement Agreement Modeling Report  (12/27/07)
Babcock Ranch Modeling Report