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 Environmental Enforcement in Lee County

The Lee County Board Of County Commissioners approved Hazardous Waste Ordinance (07-03)​ in 2007, which allows for local enforcement of hazardous waste regulations.


​If you have witnessed an environmental compliance issue:

Please call the anonymous tipline at 239-533-8821.

Pollution Prevention (P2) Program

​​​The Pollution Prevention (P2) Program (formerly the Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Program) educates Lee County businesses in the management and/or reduction of hazardous wastes generated in their operations.
P2 is a national and state award-winning program; and internationally recognized in Mexico and Canada. The program operates under Florida Statute 403, which requires each county to conduct Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Notification, Assessment and Verification site visits at each Potential SQG site a minimum of once every five years.
The goal of the program is to meet the state-mandated requirements while helping businesses reduce, re-use and recycle their hazardous waste economically. The program uses proven pollution prevention technology to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses that generate hazardous waste. The P2 Program strives to accomplish this through several avenues, such as:
  • Conducting onsite educational assessments at businesses
  • Distributing industry specific Best Management Practices (BMP) fact sheets on regulatory requirements for specific industry types
  • Performing educational outreach opportunities at meetings, trade shows, county fair, governmental agencies, schools and a variety of industrial trade associations