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Blind Pass is a relatively small inlet to Pine Island Sound located between Captiva and Sanibel Islands. The Blind Pass Project is designed to remove sand that deposits in the pass and place it on the beaches of Sanibel Island, as recommended in the Blind Pass Inlet Management Plan (1993). A feasibility study conducted for the City of Sanibel, Captiva Erosion Prevention District (CEPD) and Lee County in September 2003 recommended the project to provide a stable tidal connection between Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico for environmental reasons. An Inlet Management Study was completed in 2018 and an Inlet Management Plan (IMP) adopted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2019. The IMP defines strategies for long term management of the inlet and adjacent beaches, and recommendations for further study.

Project History

Date Completed LOCATION ​Volume ​Construction TYPE
March 2001​Gulf​20,400​Mechanical
​December 2009​Gulf & Sound​148,000​Hydraulic reopening
​September 2012​Gulf​63,300​Hydraulic maintenance
​May 2013​​Sound​37,600​Hydraulic maintenance
June 2017Gulf & Sound89,700​Hydraulic maintenance

This project is a cooperative effort including Lee County, Captiva Erosion Prevention District, City of Sanibel and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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