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The project consists of the nourishment and maintenance of approximately 0.8 miles of shoreline on Little Hickory Island. The project shoreline is comprised entirely of critically eroded shoreline. In addition to beach nourishment, two groins were constructed at the northern end of the project to anchor the fill and prevent sand losses into Big Hickory Pass.  Cost savings are being realized by coordination of the project with Lovers Key. Permit conditions are designed to ensure protection for sea turtles and shorebirds.

Project History

Date Completed ​Length ​CUBIC YARDAGE ​Construction Cost
​November 1995​0.8 miles​217,000​$1.1 million
​June 2004​0.8 miles​150,000​$1.6 million
​September 2014​0.8 miles​134,484​$1.6 million

This project has been cost shared by the City of Bonita Springs, local property owners, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Download the latest state funding application for additional project details.
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