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**​​New Fees 02-1-18**

​Well Permitting Fees ​

​Commercial ​

​Residential ​

​Elevator Shaft Drilling​$150​N/A​N/A
​Elevator Shaft Grouting​$150​N/AN/A​
​Fire Protection ​$275​Fire Protection ​$150
​Horizontal ​$200​Horizontal​$150
​Geo Thermal $300​Geo Thermal​$300
​Grounding Rod​$200​Duplex ​$350
​Duplex Replacement​$400
​Repair Permit​$350​Repair Permit​$275

​Wells Serving Public Water Systems (Per Well)

​Recovery Well​$300



​Monitor Well Permits
In place for one week or more              

 -Deeper than the first confining unit  

   Lower Tamiami Aquifer and deeper   

​$50 per Monitor Well ( Water Table Aquifer )


$275.00 per Monitor Well

​Test Boring Permits

Issued per parcel; 4 Borings per permit

$50 per each additional boring

​Well Plugging(s) - (Wells Deeper than

20 feet below Natural Grade)

(Shallow wells require permit, but fee is waived)

(Well Abandonment fee is waived for replacement wells)

​Permit Time Extension​$200
​Permit Application Late Fee​$150
​Inspections (Existing Well)​$100 per inspection

​$100 first visit
$150 second visit

$200 third visit

​After-Hours Inspection​$130