Lee County Storage Tanks Program

The Lee County storage tanks program is a state-contracted program responsible for annual compliance inspections, installations and closures of petroleum storage tanks operating in Charlotte, DeSoto and Lee counties.

To protect the public and environment, the Tanks Program inspects all underground storage tanks with a capacity greater than 110 gallons, and all aboveground storage tanks with a capacity greater than 550 gallons. This includes gas stations, private business and agricultural facilities.

To be in compliance, a facility must follow the strict standards in The Florida Department of Environmental Protection rules, chapter 62.761 (underground) and chapter 62-762 (aboveground) Florida Administrative Code.


If you have any questions related to Petroleum storage tanks, please contact:

  •    Keith Kleinmann, Senior Environmental Specialist, 239-822-6399
  •    Jeff Parks, Senior Environmental Specialist, 239-841-5773

Additional information: