Download Lee County Rain Gauges Map 


Rain Gauge IDLatitudeLongitudeLocation
Agualinda Water Plant
 26°35'31.00 82° 1'2.16At Agualinda Water Plant in Cape Coral
Alva Fire Department26 42' 22.9881 36' 30.05SR 78 To Styles Rd, Alva Fire Department.
Big Island West Weir26°47'49.2381°40'14.80West side of Big Island water control structure in Babcock Ranch.
Bokeelia Boat Ramp 26°41'39.83 82° 8'43.73at Bokeelia Boat Ramp off of McNeff Rd.
Bonita Springs Utilities26 20' 39.3081 45' 17.47E. Terry St, Bonita Spring Utilities.
Bowman's Beach 26°27'46.42 82° 9'15.12at mosquito control off of Bowman's Beach Rd.
Burnt Store Fire Station #726°44'0.1782° 2'21.99Fire Station #7 on Burnt Store Rd.
Cecil Web RG-126 51' 30.8781 57' 46.25Cecil Webb Wildlife MGMT, West side of lane to rangers house.
Cecil Webb RG-226°51'29.9381°48'53.45East on Tuckers Grade Blvd in Cecil Webb Wildlife, along berm, North of Road.
Cecil Webb RG-326°48'58.3781°50'43.90Cecil Webb Wildlife, East side along the Power line road.
Corkscrew Water Plant26 27' 51.1581 42' 12.14Alico Rd, Corkscrew Water Plant.
Everest Sewer Plant 26°36'20.76 81°56'10.04at Everest Sewer Plant in Cape Coral
Fort Myers Beach Plant26 29' 28.6881 56' 00.77Fort Myers Beach Plant, Pine Rd. Between Summerlin and San Carlos Blvd.
Gateway26 34' 23.6581 44' 11.65Gateway Service District East of Commerce Dr.
Hendry (Hendry County Landfill)26 33' 55.6081 31' 17.10Hendry County Landfill @ pump station on hill.
Kismet RO plant 26°41'47.82 82° 0'1.73at Kismet RO plant in Cape Coral 
Lake Fairways26 44' 26.3281 56' 10.48US 41 N, Lake Fairways maintenance building.
Lehigh Utilities26 36' 28.0381 38' 02.25Lee Rd. to Coolidge Ave, Lehigh Utilities.
Lover's Key26 23' 07.081 51' 54.0Lover's Key State Park
Lakes Park26 31' 47.1581 53' 12.12Summerlin Rd., Lakes Park.
North Reservoir26 42' 41.2981 50' 16.05Bayshore & Samville Rd, Lee County North Res.
Olga Water Plant26 43' 08.1181 40' 57.53SR 78 to Werner Dr., Olga Water Plant.
Page Field26 35' 17.4281 51' 20.58Metro Pkwy to Idlewild, At Page Field Airport
Popash Creek26°45'20.6381°48'34.07Popash Creek at Nalle Grade Rd.
St. James City 26°30'39.29 82° 5'7.88at mosquito control on St. James City off of York Rd.
Ten Mile Canal26 32' 50.7081 51' 18.62North side of Daniels between Metro and 41.
​Three Oaks26°25'14.59 81°47'16.99​Three Oaks Pkwy and Williams Rd.
Waste to Energy Plant26 37' 45.7481 45' 44.70Buckingham Rd, Waste to Energy Plant.
Yellow Fever Creek26 40' 51.7381 54' 15.73Herron Rd. & Pine Island Rd, North Ft. Myers.