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​Stage Recorders




​Ten Mile Canal​26°32'50.69"N​81°51'18.61"W​North side of Daniels between Metro and 41. 200 ft. North of the Daniels Parkway weir.
​Hendry Creek​26°31'41.33"N​81°52'28.99"W​Lakes Park, 41 and Gladiolus, recorder on right before park entrance.
​Mullock Creek​26°28'25.80"N​81°49'50.45"W​41 turn East onto Constitution Blvd then south on Constitution Cir, recorder on side of bridge.
​Popash Creek @ Pritchett Pkwy​26°42'56.76"N​81°48'31.08"W​East of I-75 on Bayshore Rd, turn left onto Pritchett Pkwy, on North side of bridge.
​Powell Creek​26°41'24.81"N​81°52'29.75"W​Bayshore Rd turn north onto Evalena to end of public rd.
​Popash Creek @ Nalle Grade​26°45'19.72"N​81°48'33.73"W​Popash Cr @ Nalle Grade Rd.
​Telegraph Creek​26°43'49.81"N​81°42'5.52"W​Telegraph Cr. @ North River Rd.
​Imperial River @ Felts Ave​26°20'33.63"N​81°46'39.84"W​At the end of Felts Ave.
​Island Park​26°28'51.07"N​81°51'16.00"W​At the end of Park Rd.

​Bayshore Creek


​Southwest side @Nalle Grade Archery Park

​Stroud Creek​26°45'04.00"N​81°47'36.35"W0.51 mile ​East of Nalle Rd on St. Paul Rd
​Three Oaks​26°25'14.59"N​​81°47'16.99"W​Three Oaks Pkwy and Williams Rd.