​​The Lee County Well Construction Advisory Board (WCAB) is appointed by the Lee County Board of County Commissioners to advise the Natural Resources Director or his/her appointee concerning:

  • the administration of the Well Construction Ordinance
  • the regulation of the drilling industry
  • other such duties as may be established in the Ordinance

The Advisory Board has the authority to conduct hearings and make final determinations related to all matters arising from violation of any part of this ordinance. The Advisory Board shall hear appeals of:

  • denial of permits
  • orders to plug or rehabilitate wells

The Advisory Board shall advise the Natural Resources Division on:

  • licensed applicants
  • content of licensing examination
  • quality of workmanship when a complaint is placed on a licensee
  • well construction problems

The Advisory Board shall recommend amendments to this Ordinance, and shall have all other duties as prescribed under this Ordinance or any amendments thereto. The Advisory Board members will have equal voting rights on all issues before the Board.