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Study Objectives & Approach

• Develop a sediment budget for Blind Pass and the adjacent beaches within the inlet area of influence.

• Provide a better understanding of the coastal dynamics of the Blind Pass inlet system and adjacent beaches using available data and numerical modeling.

• Utilize the sediment budget and numerical modeling to define and examine alternative inlet management strategies with the objective of balancing the sediment of the inlet and adjacent beaches and extending the life of related beach projects so that periodic nourishment is more effective. Among the benefits will be protecting the existing infrastructure, maintaining existing level of recreation access and use, maintaining Blind Pass in an open condition, and defining potential impacts to navigation.

• Define the benefits and consequences of each alternative inlet management strategy compared to a no action scenario from a technical and financial perspective and for compliance with Chapter 161, Florida Statutes.


• Analysis of Existing Data and Data Collection - COMPLETE

• Delft3D Numerical Modeling - COMPLETE

• Technical Advisory Committee & Stakeholder Study Input - COMPLETE

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• Report - COMPLETE

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• Adoption - The report will be reviewed by the County and adjacent jurisdictions with transmittal to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) anticipated Fall of 2018. State adoption of an Inlet Management Plan, subject to review by their engineering staff, would follow FDEP rule making procedures.