Project Area.jpgBased on a settlement agreement in March 2013, Lee County and the City of Cape Coral undertook a joint project called the Northwest Cape Coral/Lee County Watershed Initiative.  The joint Project Team consisting of representatives from Lee County, the City of Cape Coral, and expert consultants had four primary goals related to water flow, water quality, hydrodynamics, and ecological indicators.

In support of these goals, an extensive data collection, data analysis and model development program was implemented.  Based on the results from this work, a detailed report with the following four components was produced:    

1. Hydrodynamic Data Characterization
2. Hydrodynamic Model Development and Calibration
3. Water Quality Data Characterization
4. Water Quality and Biological Indicators

These report documents are available for download:

• Executive Summary – Summary of report findings and associated maps (2 KB)
• Summary Report – Summary of methods and key findings (5 MB)

• Full Report – All four components in full (51 MB)

 •Phase II Final Report



Project inquiries: Contact Mike Campbell ( or 239-533-8109).
Media inquiries: Contact Betsy Clayton ( or 239-826-4606).