Estero Boulevard Master Plan Map 


Project Plans For Fort Myers Beach: Estero Boulevard

Estero Boulevard Improvement Project Newsletter - Sept 2014

Final Plans

Estero Boulevard Preliminary Plans (Jan 2014 - rev 04/09/14)

Preliminary Plans for Estero Blvd (Full Set) (30% Plans)

Lee DOT February 18, 2014 30% Plan Status Update to Town of Fort Myers Beach Town Council

Estero Boulevard Presentation Draft 30% Plan Status Summary February 18, 2014

Estero Boulevard Preliminary Design (Feb 2013 Public Workshop)

Estero Boulevard Improvement Project Newsletter - Feb 2013

HandoutSouth End
Streetscape Master Plan LayoutTypical Sections
Core AreaCrosswalk Examples
Civic ComplexCrosswalk Warning Lights
Quiet Center 1 & Quiet Center 2 ​Trolley Pulloff Examples
​High Rise ​Typical Curb Ramps/Driveways

Full Set

Estero Boulevard (CR 865) Analysis & Design:

Estero Boulevard (CR 865) Streetscape Master Plan:

Estero Boulevard (865) Right-of-Way Maps-Survey Plans:

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Fort Myers Beach-Water Distribution Evaluation-2008-02:

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