​Notice to All Applicants

All new permit applications submitted for approval and issuing must be emailed to dotengineering@leegov.com for processing.


If you have a question for a specific person, provide the question and the person's name in the email text. Your request will be forwarded to that person.

Applicant Contact Information:

The Name of Applicant on the application form is the person we will contact if there are issues with the permit. If there are others we need to contact, please include them as well. Provide email addresses and phone numbers for all persons mentioned in the application.

Turn-Around Time:

Please remember that Lee County has up to two weeks to process permits. We review each permit to ensure there are no conflicts. If there are problems with a permit we will contact the applicant to resolve them.

We appreciate your patience.


To Apply for a Commercial Right of Way Use Permit 

Fill out the forms below and email them to dotengineering@leegov.com to be processed. 

Permit Forms

Guidelines and Specifications    

​permit fees
​Maintenance of Traffic Permit​$30
​Utility Permit$​30 for the first mile; $7 for each .25 miles after
​Single Driveway$130​
​Double Driveway​$155
​Turn Lane​$155
Permit fees are doubled when working without a permit.


Pay Permit Fees

To Schedule an Inspection

Call the automated system at 239-533-8997 and enter one of the following codes:

​Maintenance of Traffic Inspection   763
Drainage Inspection     766
Roadway Inspection   767
Sidewalk Inspection​   769
​Miscellaneous Inspection   ​770
​Final Inspection   779


Check Status of Permit

Maintenance Of Traffic (MOT)

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) is required with every permit. For more information and training on MOT, please visit the Florida Transportation Technology Transfer Center to schedule classes.


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